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Yes, It Can Rain Forever

May is a not-so-rainy warm month here in northern Italy, and June usually gets hot and dry.

But not this year. After a pretty dry start, punctuated by some cold rain in April and March, the second half of May became really wet: over 119 mm of rain - most of it between the days of 19 and 21; there have been floods - frequent thunderstorms, and average humidity close to 77%. Temperature remained close to the seasonal average, however.

June has started in the same vein: more thunderstorms, even higher humidity, over 44 mm of rain so far and temperatures a little below average. Even today, around 15:15 CET, there's cumulonimbus all around the place; I don't think it will rain a lot tho.

It goes without saying that last year anthropogenic global warming was blamed for the dry, windy weather of spring and early summer. This year, AGW is being blamed for the cool and rain.

Not much of summer weather so far, but there's going to be no shortage of water for the next few months. And, if we'll get some sunshine, there will be plenty of mushrooms to pick. Yum.

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