The Second Version


My First Legal Entanglement

As you, my readers, should know, in March and April of this year I did some work as freelance IT technician for a computer firm. I worked for a total of more than 20 days, accumulating a credit slightly above €1700.

As it turns out, the owners of the firms have the positively annoying habit of not paying their collaborators. I think that some of you already know the drill: "Our clients are bahind with their payments, but it will soon be alright" - "We'll pay you next week" - "Really, we had a bit of a problem but by the end of the month you'll have all your money" - "I am sorry, Mr. Scrooge is unvailable to discuss your payment issues".

After a rather long while, I had enough of this crap. I first tried to rally my colleagues in order to launch a collective legal action, but it didn't work out - because I was by no mean the only one the bastards tried to screw over.

They can consider themselves blessed that I'm a civilized person, otherwise they'd be mourning the loss of their kneecaps or worse.

So, all by myself, I contacted a lawyer and we submitted a pleading requesting the firm to pay compensatory damages - the credit I accrued, plus interest plus legal expenses.

The request has been approved and a court order issued. My lawyer has provided to notify it to the firm but she has not received confirmation yet.


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