The Second Version


Sunday Morning Conversation Between Me And My Hangover

Hangover: So you think you're the big guy, eh? You think you're tough?

Me: Arrhhhh

Hangover: You think you're still twenty, when your body had the filtering capacity of a sewage treatment plant? Now at 31 you begin to feel all that shit you've put in your stomach.

Me: Quiet please, my head is pounding.

Hangover: Fool, did you think about your head last night when you were guzzling a beer after another? Look at yourself, you're as springy as a silkworm in its cocoon this morning.

Me: I'll be fine in no time, man. Tomorrow morning at 8am, exactly. Now, where is the paracetamol? And my vitamin pills? And the Maalox?

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  • I know from hard experience that in another ten years you'll be promising your hangover that you'll be "ok", not "fine" by tomorrow at 8 a.m.. Age seems to up capacity a bit but it stretches recovery time considerably.

    Di Blogger mdmnm, Alle 15/10/08 19:15  

  • I noticed the dilation of recovery times too. And I hope that in ten years my over-drinking sessions will be few and far between.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 15/10/08 19:54  

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