The Second Version


In Which I Occasionally Embrace Political Activism

The Emperor says:
But other than that (breaking the law, ed.), every last bit of smearing, lying, finger-pointing etc. will be the order of the day, on top of all of the true claims against him I can find, and they’re already piling up deep and high. Nothing will be too low, every slightest rumor will be picked up and broadcast with a spin that would make David Axelrod blush, and it will be a relentless barrage from the day he takes office ’till the day he leaves it. And I will enjoy every second of it. I will willfully and gleefully sabotage every single thing that he tries to achieve in any way that I can and when he fails, I’ll put all of the blame on him.

Him and his leftist brownshirt goons will get a heaping helping of the same bullshit that they’ve been flinging at us for the last 8 years, and they will get it with interest and then some. See how he likes it.
See, I am seriously worried, even from this other side of the Atlantic, by certain facts about Barack Obama. He's seen as a saintly, almost messianic figure, he who'll change America into a better place, accepted as peer by the international community, where the power of the state will be used to redistribute wealth, and where all races - except those whites who don't repent for the sins of their race - will proportionally share power, and the government will be your friend and help you from cradle to grave, even saving the fools from the consequences of their folly.

It looks more like a nightmare than a dream to me, even more so if I consider that America is today the only place left where a man can be minimally free in the true sense of the word (there are other places where life is good, but not as free).

Alas, despite the facade of working for a better America, more just and humane and pacific, it's the hard left - those who most support Obama, rather than the Clinton wing - that indulges in murderous fantasies and falls prey of a rabid, unhinged rage against their opponents.

I only wish death - or would like to deliver it myself - to a small number of truly barbarous and irredeemeable evildoers; to even my bitter political adversaries I wish no ill (well, I admit that a stubborn case of prostathitis is tempting, tho). And I surely am not of the peace-and-love kind.

I hoped the derangement was going to end with the Bush administration, and initially McCain didn't have to face it. But Sarah Palin became the new target of an even more furious and vile form of hatred - all because she's a gender apostate.

In any case, Michelle Malkin has a not pretty but instructive display of leftist rage - and these are not quotes susceptible of a "I say, you say" situation. No, it's actual videos and stickers and posters and all that.

In the meanwhile, Jeff Goldstein is simply fuming. Apart the (not so) occasional lies and distortions and hypocrisy of some Obama supporters, he is afraid that President Obama would mark the success of the grand plan, started by Gramsci, to take power by infiltration, slow erosion and indoctrination rather than armed revolution. And there's a good chance he is right.

Even many in the Italian media have accepted unquestioningly the Obama narrative, thus abdicating from their supposed role of suppliers of facts and informations, becoming accomplices in the struggle for control of the narrative, and ultimately of thought. And that has me fuming too.

The scariest part of 1984 is not the so popular telescreens, but Newspeak - control of the narrative on the biggest scale.

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