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Rambling About Van Helsing

- In my opinion, hollow-point .45 Long Colt bullets cast from silver and topped with a snugly-fitting point made of European Ash wood should be effective both against vampires and werewolves and hybrides thereof.

- Any random moment of this movie essudates such idiocy that Weird Science is Raise the Red Lantern in comparison.

- Still, who wouldn't take the concept of Kate Beckinsale in a tight corset and high-heeled leather boots a little bit further?

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  • I saw the movie for the first time yesterday and I was nearly bored to death. I agree an the Kate Beckinsale thing though. Yet, not as good as Rhona Mitra's snug oufit in Doomsday.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 9/10/08 14:33  

  • Young Kate is even more fetish in Underworld I & II, now I recall.

    I've never seen Doomsday but the girl looks hot indeed.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 9/10/08 20:39  

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