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Michael Crichton Died

Ah damn, he was a damn fine sci-fi writer. Not really deep in a philosophical sense, but he was able to deliver quality entertainment.

Of his books I have read Sphere which is good, and I kept my kid self entertained during a couple of feverish days; Timeline as a pastime while doing my university thesis and that's great*; maybe also Jurassic Park but believe me if I tell I cannot quite recall it (it was in high school - no, I wasn't high all the time but a lot of emotional up and down occurred during those years).

I began reading Airframe in a common room of Dundee University a few years ago, but I had to leave it just when I got hooked, for shame. State Of Fear kept me company on a train trip from London to Cornwall and back - this is the weakest of Crichton's novels: the urge to provide data and information against the AGW hypothesis reduced the quality of the story.

A little while ago my parents rented Prey, and I'd better read it before it has to be returned.

We have lost an important author of the late 20th century: the world won't be better for it.

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  • I strongly recommend Eaters of the Dead and Congo. (The books, not the movies made from them, although The 13th Warrior wasn't a bad adaptation of Eaters because Crichton was directly involved in its production.

    Di Blogger Kevin, Alle 13/11/08 15:34  

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