The Second Version


They Just Keep Coming

I wanted to bash into the ground some recent and old egregious idiocies, but then I realized I'm overwhelmed... idiots and their statements keep coming thich and fast; I'd need the rethorical equivalent of an anti-aircraft battery.

So I prefer to chitchat about some more general stuff. Winter is hitting northern Italy quite hard this time: from 24 December we had barely two days in a row without snow, sleet or freezing rain; temperatures have gone close to -10 °C and often did not exceed 0° even during the day. It had snowed already in late November, moreover.

But the meteorologists say in fact this is more or less how winter should be here: we got used to a string of more balmy than usual winters in the last few years.

The upside is that my winter driving skills are increasing. The main point is to be very careful on the brakes (never brake whiile clutch pedal is down); other than that it takes extra attention and prudence. On the morning of Jan 1 I drove some 40 km on icy roads under freezing rain without a glitch - yes, it took around one hour.

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