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Cinematic Climatic Battles

During my long flights I have made intensive use of the onboard entertainment systems. I have listened to music, watched documentaries and movies.

And the movies in particular have left me quite disappointed, when they reach the point of the climatic battle even more so.

There is a terrible unifortmity, first of all. The Transformers, Hulk, Hancock, Iron Man, Hellboy... all off them fly or jump around cities and battle their enemies smashing buildings and vehicles. After a little while, you realize there's only so many ways you can rip a CGI car apart, or punch a hole through a skyscraper. Variety and inventivness apparently went lost somewhere along the route.

Battles between superheroes and superbaddies go rapidly over the top trying to outdo each other, or battles in the previous instalment of the franchise. But audiences become rapidly used to CGI marvels, more and more is needed and soon preposterous levels are reached. You almost never see one of the fighter doing what is the logical thing in a one-on-one fight: try to outwit the enemy, pretend to flee only to lay in ambush for example. No, they always charge straight at each other; at best the bad guy uses some dirty trick. It seems that every time some intelligence could be injected in the battle script, the writers instead go for the dumbest way.

Is it a crowd pleaser? Up to a point; only excitable teenagers can get endless enjoyment for dumb displays of brute force. Adults, or even youngsters with a bit more refined taste, want at least something more engaging along the smash & crush.

A more political observation is that - except Iron Man at the very start, possibly - these superheroes never go to Iraq or Afghanistan or Darfur. Yes, they have superbaddies to fight and other errands to run, but they could take a tour there from time to time. I mean, when you can fly at hypersonic speed, it's not such a hassle, is it?
I don't even ask they personally kick Bin Laden's butt, but I'd love to see Superman saving a patrol from an ambush or IED attack. If not that, at least protecting a bunch of children from suicide bombers.

Is that too difficult, or controversial to put into a movie?

Man, I'm tired of largely mindless Hollywood blockbusters and wannabes. Rather, give me a honestly campy and unpretentious zombie flick such as Planet Terror.

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3 Commenti:

  • The best superheroes movie is Mystery Men.:-)

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 4/3/09 13:48  

  • I haven't seen it, but with Ben Stiller in tha cast I think I'd like the movie.

    Sure it won't take itself too seriously.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 4/3/09 14:57  

  • It is funny as hell.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 5/3/09 14:10  

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