The Second Version


Chornicles of a Warming World

Yesterday, March 9.
A vicious, chilly wind kept blowing from the north-east all day - gusts up to 60 km/h. Snow began falling in the hills at mid-morning and soon took hold; in the plains the blizzard began in earnest around 6 pm; the wind mentioned above swirled the sand-like snow everywhere. At 23, close to 10 cm of snow were on the ground. Blizzards are quite rare in the plains here even in mid-winter, so much that the one occurred in December 2000 is part of local history (and I was right in the middle of it); one in March is more exceptional than uncommon. The wind subsided during the night leaving only a peaceful snowfall.

Today, March 10.
Parma woke up under some 20 cm of heawy snow, and more kept falling all morning. The city roads remained passable, but not so the mountain roads and some highways, that had to be closed. Snow reached 80 cm in the mountain areas. During the afternoon, the temperature rose enough to let some snow melt - but only part. Sleet and snow showers continued all day and now at night temperature is again close to zero.

Next days.
Precipitations are expected to dwindle to nothing during the day of tomorrow leaving place to some clearings, but frigid cold (down to -7 °C) is expected at night.

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