The Second Version


The Shooting Booze

The other day in the basement I found a bottle of my experimental booze that had been sitting there all winter, and I deciced what the hell, let's taste it.

Oh, boy. As soon as I undid the wire cage, the (plastic) cork shoot off with a loud bang. I mean, nearly as loud as .22 pistol, I think I'm not exaggeranting. I felt a ringing in my ear for a while, after that.

The cork bounced off the ceiling to a corner of the room, and the hooch erupted from the bottle in a subdued fountain of foam. A little luck at least. I pured some liquid in a bowl and the emergency was over.

What about taste of the concotion? Nothing in particular: very fizzy (not a suprise, really), rather dry but with a not-so-pleasant final. Drinkable, yes, if there's no other alcohol around.

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