The Second Version


Goodbye Miss Tanfoglio

She's gone, hopefully taken by someone who will take good care of her. I haven't been armed for a long time, but I had gotten used to the idea. But now keeping a gun, with more restricitve licensing laws & rules looming at the horizon, is becoming too difficult*.

It's only a small parte of the preparations I did before leaving for Indonesia. Yes, because life has turneed this way, and in a few days I will leave. Not forever, no, but for a quite long time; I may even have a job lined up there.

But if you think it's all over, you're wrong. I'm not going away from the blogosphere!

*I suppose the anti-gunners have achieved a small victory in this case, damn.

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3 Commenti:

  • "But if you think it's all over, you're wrong. I'm not going away from the blogosphere!"

    .... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mi avevi spaventato! C'è un'altro blogger (ingegnere) tal bourbaki che sta in indonesia.
    Però ne abbiamo perso le tracce :-(

    Fatti un bel fucile a pompa" :-)

    Di Blogger Bisquì, Alle 1/10/10 17:27  

  • Bad news-good news-good news.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 1/10/10 18:21  

  • C'è anche Il Mango di Treviso da Singapore...

    Ora sono a casa, con addosso un po' di postumi di una cena con amici.

    Stasera vedo altri amici per una bicchierata. Sarà dura.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 2/10/10 08:42  

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