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My Take on Dexter

After catching some episodes on TV, I watched the whole first season of Dexter on DVD.

It's a good series, one I'd recommend. One aspect I find interesting is how, especially in the first episodes, it toys with - we can even say deconstructs - horror movie cliches: some scenes that in a common movie would end with a "Boo!" moment or a monster/killer attack end in nothing.

While instead violence can erupt without a previous buildup. And, you can guess, dark humor abounds.

Except one, the carachters aren't truly memorable; they are not knights in shining armor but individuals with their greatness and miseries.

The star of the series is without doubt Dexter Morgan. He goes well beyond the anti-hero or vigilante. He does not kill bad guys for a mission like a vigilante, but because he feels a need to kill. He's cold and emotionless, as the psychopath he in fact is, and he admires the skill and technique of the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter's only redeeming quality is that he was given a strong ethical code and taught to channel his homicidal impulses towards those who violated the right to life first.

Now I can't wait to see Season 2

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  • You're a little behind though. They are about to start season 5. Anyways, S02 is my fav.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 24/9/10 14:38  

  • Really, 4 seasons already? I'm as behind as a pig's tail (indietro come la coda del maiale).

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 24/9/10 15:28  

  • In this case you are. I caught it from season 2 myself.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 24/9/10 19:59  

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