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Like Snowflake in a Warming World

The Emperor wrote another rant regarding Al Gore:

He said, and we’re not making this up, that the reason for the heavy snowfall was the warmening of the atmosphere causing additional water vapor that then fell as snow.

Yes. Water vapor turns to snow because of warmening. Make a note, children. If you want to make popsicles, you just pick your favorite juice, pour it in a suitable container and heat the everloving fuck out of it. For quicker results use a blowtorch. It will freeze instantly. Hey, the Algore said so, and if one or both of your parents are fiddy2ers, there is no way in hell they’re going to gainsay their cult leader.

Now, Al Gore is very low on my list of Great People, but Misha here is wrong.

Warmer air can carry more water vapor than colder air, this can be verified with any psychrometric chart, and it also the basic principle of dehumidification operations.

So, the atmosphere of a warmer Earth will contain, on average, more water vapor. More water vapor means more intense precipitations when this vapor condensates.

Can this result in heavier snowfall? Yes, it can, because in some locations the temperature will be low enough to cause the water vapor to crystallize and precipitate as snow.

So, it is counterintuitive, but in a warmer world there can be heavier snowfall. Despite Al Gore and the band of climate catastrophists.

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