The Second Version


For the Death of Colonel Khadafi

Nationalist Arab dictator, sel-styled champion of anti-colonialism and Palestinian struggle.

So far, he'd just be another Arab dictator, but instead he took his role to over-the-top and tacky heights rarely seen out of movies. How can we forget his platoon of female body guards (and by the way, where are they now?), his antics living in a bedouin tent, golden handguns and more.

During his 40-years rule, Khadafi was condemned with words by many but supported with facts by all European leaders and at least tolerated by the USA. Only the old good Ronald Reagan tried in earnest to get rid of him.

His favourite target was Italy, with Khadafy still riding the overused issue of colonialism. In the end, we learnt how to let him put up his shows and at the same time develop our own interests in Lybia - as the French and Brits were unable to do.

Now the old bastard is gone, and all we can hope is that the evil we don't know will be better than the one we knew.

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