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The other night I saw a little of Aeon Flux. I should not judge a movie from a few minutes of it, but what I saw was a shootout scene, and I have a soft spot for a well-done shootout.

Problem is, that one wasn't well done. There were the usual evil stormtroopers shooting at the good kickass girl from the open. And when they come under sniper fire they don't take cover either. They just keep standing there shooting at the girl while the sniper(s) pick them off one by one. Our heroine stands there in the open too, but of course the stormtroopers have abysmal aim, so they can't put one shot on target. Instead, she has perfect aim and she can blast away all the stormtroopers firing two SMG at once.

But maybe that was the last firefight, so the screenwriters overdid it. No, they didn't.
  The girl kills two heavily armed and armored soldiers using only a shard of glass?And in the process she gets not a scratch except from the shard she was holding? Seriously?

This tactical stupidity is so much and so bad that I don't feel inclined to watch Aeon Flux anymore... that's the way I am.

Another gimmick that has quite annoyed the hell out of me is the experiment gone bad - super soldier/organism/robot going out of control and wreacking havoc here and there.

The first 50 times or so it was maybe interesting, but now it's a trope for unimaginative writers. Who don't realize that often they are just rewriting Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in fact.

Besides, how incompetent must be the scientists and engineers who design systems and exepriments that always fail spectacularly like that?

How stupid have to be the managers not to kill the creature / destroy the machine when instability becomes evident? Or to authorize plainly demented projects?

Better enjoy a simplistic load of violence and action as delivered by The Raid and be done with it, rather than looking for pretentious yet silly plots.

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