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Tarantino Chained

Recently I saw Django Unchained - on DVD, not in the theater.

Well, I can say I'm rather uninpressed. I think Tarantino has done much better than this in the past.

Also, the movie starts with what I see as a wink and nod: the ridiculous blood spatter from the start seems to say "Folks, let's have fun and don't take this too seriously".

The sensation then is reinforced by the definitely Pythonesque scene of the riders protesting their impractical face masks.

For the whole "kill whiteys" aspect,  I wish to point out that the ones getting killed are not average Joes, but slave owners/traders/overseers. Which is to say, people who have no problem with treating black men as or worse than livestock. I don't feel bad for their fate, personally.

Yet, it is a movie that flowed away and left me no long-lasting impressions. Good quality, but still disposable entertainment.

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