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Waiting For Chlorine

So, now we learn from Reuters (that just casually noticed the novel fact) that jihadis in Iraq have begun using homemade chemical weapons - bombs that release chlorine gas. And they have killed a dozen people and injured many more so far.

What can I do? I'll wait trepidantly, from the dramatic reportages on RaiNew24, for the footage of bodies covered in chemical burns. I'll wait for interviews with concerned doctors, for congressional and parliamentary interrogations. I'll wait for pronouncements of the UN and unanimous, strong condemnations of the practice. I'll wait for the perpetrators being tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

I think it will be more productive to wait for Kelly Hu to come knocking on my door late at night and beg me to give her that warmth and comfort Italian stallions are well-known for.

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  • I pass it around.


    Di Anonymous Anonimo, Alle 23/2/07 12:35  

  • Let me know when kelly hu comes knocking at your door. And begs for that warmth and comfort. Also whether or not you decide to give it to her.

    Di Anonymous Anonimo, Alle 8/3/07 05:36  

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