The Second Version


Crane Vs. Crane

It's amazing what one can see just looking out of the window, some days...

They used this big self-propelled crane to dismantle the construction crane - and the most amazing thing is that the operation was done with conmplete disregard of elementary safety rules! Workers climbed up and down the crane wearing neither safety belts nor hard hats; another guy stoo directly underneath the suspended strut (third picture from the top) to guide it while being lowered... it's almost a miracle that no-one got hurt.


These days, I'm, watching the anime Excel Saga. Saying that it's insane is a bit of an understatement; it's insane and on speed at the very least. And sprinkled with naughty double-entendres. And topped with armies of cute invaders luring unaware foks with their cuteness. And served with a generous side of meta-jokes about author, director and dubbers. Excel Saga is just a wild, fun ride that leaves no anime cliché and genre inviolated; if there's an overall plot is very tenuous. But it's what I need these days: my brain is already nearly overheated - I cannot be bothered with too seriosu stuff.

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  • Seen the japanaese movie Shinobi? It's quite cool.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 24/5/07 20:01  

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