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Ah well, back from Tuscany and in Parma again. Holiday went well: the country residence were the eight of us slept was gorgeous. A perfectly refurbished old-style house, surrounded by a well-tended garden with swimming pool, a court and a sort of lodge for barbecues (which we naturally used to prepare a slowly-cooked rack of pork ribs, among other things), and wineyards and olive trees all around.

Other attractions of the area were restaurants, ancient hamlets, wine-tasting stalls, wineries, butcher's shops... as you can guess, we didn't hold back on both eating and drinking. Unfortunately, I got utterly wasted on the second day and couldn't enjoy the rest so much. On the return trip we could experience the world famous Italian highways: over one hour queue, and we took the less busy route.

Anyway, I changed a bit the blog header's look (and it was a pain in the back with all those span and style tags refusing to work) and added a quote from the economist and philosopher Henry George, which comes via The Smallest Minority. More profund articles will possibly come.

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  • Thanks for the header link!

    And I finally got my blogroll updated with the correct link for this website.

    Di Blogger Kevin, Alle 13/5/07 20:56  

  • My pleasure... honestly, I think you've been one of my biggest inspiration sources after DenBeste.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 16/5/07 00:00  

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