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Weird Web Wants

I suppose that a criminal who uses Google to learn how to get an illegal firearm is more a wannabe than the real thing. Still...
It is also possible that, in manner reminescent of a visit at Kevin's place, this person is only concerned for his/her safety and unwilling or unable to obtain a firearm legally.

But I'll keep my mouth shut, because I don't want help a criminal, even if accidentally.

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  • Speaking of obtaining firearms; I moved to Italy recently (EU citizen) and since the town where I live has a rather nice shooting range, I was thinking about starting shooting again. Would you care to elaborate a bit on the process of obtaining a handgun license here (not a carry license, just for the home & range)? I guess "fluent Italian" is pretty much required somewhere in that process and I'm obviously still working on that part. :) Ciao, Michael.

    Di Anonymous Michael Gallo, Alle 16/10/08 01:42  

  • If you don't mind, it's better to discuss this by e-mail. The link can be found in "My complete profile", right sidebar.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 16/10/08 19:42  

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