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Only The Stupid

Really, at least some Nigerian scammers tried hard, were creative and sometimes almost convincing.

But this piece of crap I found in my spam folder?

Federal regulations require all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record identification‏
Da: Pishing.PayPal® Billing Department (

Rischio elevatoQuesto messaggio potrebbe essere un tentativo di phishing.
Inviato: sabato 21 marzo 2009 23.58.37

Look at the sender's mail... Pishing.PayPal... they're not even trying anymore. Thanks Microsoft for telling me it can be a phising attempt, but I kinda realized that myself.

Anyway, in the mail message there is a link to a website with IP - where you can type your credit card details - for security purposes, of course. Firefox itself tells me it is marked as a fake website and a WHOIS reveals that the IP range from to belongs to the Greek ISP Hellas On Line S.A.

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