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Yeah, more ragging on the green lizards. But bear with me, because that community is exhibiting an interesting evolutive behaviour.

A member asks:
[...]I have a serious question: in the face of these deep divisions between the various factions of conservatives, demi-conservatives, neo-Nazis in conservative clothing, etc., how will it ever be possible to create a coalition to stand up against appeasers and unilateral disarmament advocates on the Left?

Who is kosher to be in that coalition, who is too dangerous to legitimize by including in that coalition, and who do you have to hold your nose and tolerate in order to have enough support for the coalition to be effective in defending the global war against Islamofascism?
The answer is pretty easy, really: Charles Johnson himself and those, only those, who get his Seal of Approval.

I think that Charles is trying to propose himself as leader or at least important figure of a renewed and reformed Republican party - one reformed to adhere closely with his own views - if not a third party.

But it takes much more than a blog to do that. First, CJ lacks leadership: at first, he allowed the crazies to run unchecked; then he realized that a community of genocidal maniacs and code-talking religious nutcases cannot propel you to glory and fame. So the purges began and now on LGF dissent is only allowed within extremely strict limits and erasure of history (as deleted comments) is common. Allowances are made only for Jews and a few selected individuals.

Second, in order to become in important figure of a political movement one has to go out there, engage people directly in speeches and rallies and all those forms of old-fashioned political activity. Running a blog, even if popular (and places like DailyKos are more popular) is not enough. Besides the odd TV and radio apparition, CJ has done nothing in that sense.

Third, CJ has a big ego but a thin skin; his typical reaction to critics is to point out what bad persons they are, excommunicate them and find solace in a LGF thread full of "Charles you ROCK!" comments.

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2 Commenti:

  • What a pathetic little cult.

    Di Anonymous Wellington, Alle 17/4/09 18:51  

  • How can I put it... not exactly the place where indipendent thinking and respectful disagreement are encouraged.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 19/4/09 22:07  

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