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I Do Not Regret Leaving London

And in this website you can find plenty reasons why. I noticed the dementification of the British populace and it was not pretty.

Also, I cannot fathom why some people still praise the Met Police as one of the best, after news like this:
The senior Metropolitan Police officer who led the operation that ended with the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in south London has been honoured.

Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick was awarded a Queen's Police Medal for distinguished service.

On a related theme, it is known that the man who tried to blow up an American airplane in flight (and the man who first took action against him was an artsy Dutch. So much for the wussy Europeans, eh?) became an Islamic extremist while in London [ed. see update]. It also emerged, from his internet postings, that he was sad and lonely.

Well, Londond seems to do that to people who do not have the right personality. There may be million people around you, but most of them just ignore you. And those who show interest in you often have ill intentions. It is not a big wonder that a desperate kid would join any group of people that can relieve his sadness and isolation.

Life in London surely had many interesting aspects, but I cannot say it was very happy. And that is another reason not to regret coming back.

Update 02/01/2010: And mea culpa. I did not read the article carefully enough the first time and missed some points. The Underpant Bomber wrote his depressed and lonely (and quite incoherent, at times) post while still in Nigeria and later Yemen. There and then is when he embraced an extreme form of Islam.

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