The Second Version


Possible Prophecy

Writes Wretchard:
  • It would come upon the West relatively quickly with no sharp dividing line between the status quo ante and the Brave New World. People would simply wake up with the Day After Feeling at a increasing rate. At some point there would be a consensus that things were no longer the same as they were, but it would be accompanied by a feeling that resistance was futile. It would just happen and 95% of the population will tighten their belts, lower their eyes to the ground and trudge on. That’s what most do on the Day After.
  • The center of resistance to any global world order — assuming it came to pass — would probably be the relatively primitive Third World, led in places by India and China. But it would not be a fight pitting freedom against tyranny. China would be uninterested in that, nor would the Islamic world care less. Rather, it will be a conflict like Eastasia against Eurasia; a fight over power. For individuals who wish nothing to do with states, some will choose to adapt themselves to the stews of Lahore or deal their way through corrupt Jakarta and Manila, or even raise their own gangs in Africa rather than live under the Lords of the Wheelie Bins. There will be a Rick’s Cafe again, possibly under a rickety bridge in Peru.
Well, I do have contacts in Jakarta, and some of them placed quite high - higher than friends and family in Italy. So there's an option that looks realistic at least.

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