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Why I Homebrew

Yeah, why I do that?

In part, because I'm just curious and like to experiment. Remember, I have done a lot of experiments with vatfuls of chemicals in my past. Sugars and yeast are just a kind of novelty in this regard. It's not for the money, because the amount of time and effort taken by homebrewing is not really worth the few euros of cheap or average booze.

Another reason is that mead, for example, is hard to find here and probably expensive. But I can make my own and control the final outcome - at least I hope. And there's many other ferments that can be tried.

But if you want to know the real dark secret of homebrewing... I'm afraid that the nanny-state will massively curtail our ethilic pleasures in the course of my life, and I want to be ready to thumb my nose at them.

You may think I'm wearing my tinfoil hat now, but consider these facts.

In the last few months, even in Italy we started seeing those annoying "Drink responsibly" messages on alcoholic drinks and in their ads - there's even the website, for fuck's sake! And some politicians were clamoring to raise the legal drinking age from 16 to 18 years.

In Britain, after the war against smoking one against alcohol is being waged: minimum pricing is probably going to be a reality over there.

And considering that we Italians have this detestable habit of adopting the worst fads of the anglo-saxon world after a few years, and that there is that execrable entity if the EU around, I'm afraid that something similar will come.

So if there will be cabals of bootleggers trading in secret vials of yeast and cooking their worts at nighttime in remote locations, I'll be there!

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