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TV Nights

I swear, I had something really quirky and amusing ready to be written down, but now my mind is empty. Blank. Devoid.

Anyway, if you're into Stallone and/or Steven Seagal, Indonesian TV is your heaven.

On the channel Trans TV, yesterday they showed Rambo 3 and Nighthawks back to back. The day before it was Rambo 2 and that other classic, Tango & Cash. The day before that? Of course, First Blood, and then I don't know because I slept early. Too bad Demolition Man has been missing for a while, because the depiction of a possible future castrated society was delightful.

And tonight it's Fire Down Below followed by On Deadly Ground. But I can't stand Seagal after his ecologist/mistic turn.

Too bad Chuck Norris instead is not popular, because I'd enjoy another dose of Lone Wolf for sure.

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