The Second Version


I Think I Said So Already

Kevin Baker quoted - not approvingly, I must say - yet another blogger claiming that "Islam must be eradicated" for being an existential threat to Western civilization.

Nevermind that Western civilization is rotting from within in the first place, but I have been reading this sort of stuff since I joined Little Green Footballs in 2002 or so.

And repeating it doesn't make it any more true or accurate.

Some may be thinking that now that I am living in Indonesia I am becoming a friend of Muslims, or too scared of retribution to express harsh opinions.

No, not really. I realized something that I thought already, that Muslims are people like you or me and not impenetrable, intractable alien beasts.

But considering people from other places impenetrable, intractable alien beasts is a failure that many Americans display.

I agree more with the position of Kevin himself, or the commenter Geekwitha45, as I have been doing for a long time.

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