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Muka Poker

Which means "poker face" in Indonesian... seems fitting to these news:
The US pop diva Lady Gaga’s scheduled concert fiasco proves that certain hard-line groups have been successfully pushing local authorities to meet their demands, indirectly controlling the nation, a Muslim scholar says.

Rector of the Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University Komaruddin Hidayat told The Jakarta Post that certain groups within society had successfully influenced the government to intervene against Indonesian’s freedom of expression, adding that authorities should have protected it.

“This is a setback and a pathetic situation in which we find the public sphere where Indonesians should be able to express themselves without restraint in fact faces intervention from one community that has become a powerful force in this nation,” he said Wednesday morning.

He added that while hard-liner groups had pressured the authorities, several members of the government apparently had relented to their demands, saying that it was a “politically correct” move to do.

“This situation proves that there are fraudulent officials that have been using the hard-liner groups to further their own political interests,” he said.
The reaction of many common people to this story is "Why such a big deal of Lady Gaga while there's also Indonesian singers doing indecent things on stage?".
And if you want to see what I'm talking about, do a Youtube search with the words "dangdut panas".

Not that the Islamic ballbusters have nothing to say about this erotic dangdut stuff, but the antagonism to Lady Gaga reached paroxystic levels. Some time ago the FPI staged a demonstration - honestly pathetic, but it seems effective - where they called her an "illuminati robot". David Icke must be proud.

Hipocrisy, stupidity, lack of logic, the usal shit.

Update 21/05: However, if you think that the Muslims are the only ones detesting Lady Gaga, you are wrong. In South Korea and the Philippines the Catholics made a big fuss about this singer's concerts.

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2 Commenti:

  • Hipocrisy, stupidity, lack of logic, the usal shit.
    Lol, that's true,
    I'm an indonesian myself and I think that if the moral and religion things brought up, why does katy perry came here, and about that stupid illuminati things,
    Come on people, she's here to sing not to brain wash u all -_-"

    Di Anonymous Giatry, Alle 11/6/12 11:02  

  • I'm always glad when an Indonesian talks like this and is able to cut through the bullshit.

    Di Blogger Fabio, Alle 11/6/12 14:40  

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