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People Taking Themselves Way Too Seriously

PJ Media has an old piece on Twilight called "Porn for women" which does some analysis of the movie(s) but in a rather lighthearted and non-judgemental tone.

No, the article does not take itself too seriously, but the commenters do. 294 comments in a couple of weeks, and with statements such as:
Feminists have convinced a lot of women that the “natural” order of things is for a woman to have an “Alpha” lover, and a “beta” male to support her, tend to the house, kids (whoever may sire them), and so on, all out in the open, without having to hide anything, or risk any losses of their chosen lifestyle. The “beta” males are simply supposed to accept this state of existence without complaining. My guess is that your wife has bought into that idea, and either has her Alpha lover all picked out (or possibly, already in bed).
You know, all this psycho-babble about why “men love porn” is a bit disturbing. Porn may be the most disturbing, base thing going on in society today. The disturbed people who participate in creating porn (actors, directors, producers) are the bottom of the barrel; they’re no better than farm animals who get in on out in the pasture. There are so many other disturbing things that are behind any man’s attraction to porn. The few men I know who love the stuff are selfish jackasses who have no respect for women and society at large. It’s evil stuff. Let’s not water it down with talk about how it allows a man to connect with his base desires without all the “baggage” (what, like relationships? What baggage!).

These are advanced stages of politics/ideology/religion intoxication, not being able to appreciate (or detest) a work of fiction without digging for improbable deeper meanings - and making a big fuss of that.

And those who take themselves too seriously can be killed laughing at them.

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