The Second Version


Excel Saga Redux

The level of insanity of that anime has been ramped up (yes, it's possible) from Episode 7, and of course a work that is set to desecrate all cliches must not skip the dreaded lolicon.

It must have been a bargain sale, because the little Ropponmatsu is catgirl, android and lolicon all rolled in one (while her bigger "sister" Ropponmatsu is just an office worker - uniformed, anyway). But one thing is the drawn version; this is taking things way too seriously. Yes, it's safe for work as long as no-one notices what it actually is...

This is an action figure I'd buy instead, if I were in the mood to waste some money. But now that I did a bit of Internet search, I realize how naive I was. For the drooling otakus out there, who can be the favorite character? Excel or Hyatt? No, not weird & creepy enough. The loli-Ropponmatsu had to be...

Me, I'll have another vodka & orange juice, and onwards with the show!

Update 00:59: I gave up after Episode 18 for tonight. Besides, spending a friday night watching anime all alone is a not-too-light case of otaku syndrome...

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