The Second Version


Holiday in Nilbog

Try singing the title to the tune of Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kemnedys, by the way.

Last year ended with not really a whimper, but more like a suppressed .22 gunshot. The new year's eve party was nothing to to be remembered, for example.

The new one started with an only moderate hangover, a new seven-months work contract and... I and my wife decided to attack one of the most infamous movies out there: Troll 2.

Yes, the resounding -49.5 given by SA is not hyperbole but fully deserved - and IMDB agrees. The only nice thing about that movie is that cameras are in focus. Really.

The rest is one of the worst atrocities put on film. Yet, at some points it becomes strangely amusing and entertaining. But I think that was a bug, not a feature. The only thought keeping me sane is that the movie is the cleverest of parodies, so please do not tell me the truth.

This is not for beginners, folks. You have to go through the likes of Boa Vs. Pyton and Pterodactyl before you can accost this putrid monument of badness.

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