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Supermarket Thoughts

A downloaded recipe for sweets caleld for "light corn syrup", but I could not find any - I am just glad that we don't use such malignant concotions in Italy. Here it's sugar, or honey - sometimes, sugar syrup - and that's it.

Condoms are indeed the spawn of the devil. Proof? The ones I bought today cost six-sixty six euros.

You can find Duff beer in supermarkets, but it tastes a lot like some other German beer I cannot recall. Not surprisingly, it's produced and marketed by a German company.

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  • Indeed...corn syrup is bad (but I wouldn't speak so unkindly about condoms because it serves it purpose used properly). ;-)

    About Duff beer - I tried it tonight and BLEH! It's horrible! Like some cheap light beer with a pinch of sugar in it. No wonder the distributors charge 17 euros for a 6-pack. They know only a fool would go back for more.

    Di Blogger Rowena..., Alle 4/3/10 22:04  

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