The Second Version


Salvation Is Worth That

LabRat writes:
The more they bang the “they’re actually all RACISTS so you should hate and shun them!” drum, the more it comes off sounding like “We suspect everybody not of our social and economic class of being racists- including you. And we hate you, too. Vote for us!”
And this made me think. Why someone would vote for a party being so condenscing and sanctimonious? Nobody would.


The party is bringing salvation. I suspect that many on the left see themselves as saviors of humanity and the Earth and whatever else. And showing a man his evil ways is not thep rettiest of business; it may take some harsh words and deeds. But once that man will see the light, he will be saved and he'll relize that the harsh treatment was only for his own salvation.

So they don't see that as being insulting or hateful, but as showing someone's evil ways in the hope they will abandon those. What a mass movement craves the most is new members, and converts from the enemies' ranks are the most delightful.

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