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On the Evasivness of This and That

It's been some time since I last wrote a post in English.

I am a bit burnt out (as somebody said, back in the days blogging was new and fun. For a kind of veteran like me, it's not so fun anymore), and everywhere I look there seems to be some sea of shit rapidly rising in level. Not good for optimism.

Add to that the scarce feedback from my english-speaking readers, and you see why I don't have much enthusiasm.

I prefer to concentrate on Italian posts, and even that is strange because I am living and working abroad and my connection to Italy feels weaker than it was. But there it is, love it or leave it.

What I can tell is that I appreciated The Hobbit. Yes, it is rather overlong and in places overdone, but it left me wanting for more, and that's a sign of a movie that worked for me.
The truth is, I always found the Elven scenes (the ones with Arwen) in LOTR to be quite boring and distracting, while The Hobbit does not have long Elven moments. And being a fan (but not a crazy one) of Tolkien, I only appreciate the inclusion of material from other works of his.

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