The Second Version


The Weird Elections

Probably you have heard that in Italy once again a government fell and extraordinary elections are needed.

And these have got to be very weird ones.

See, most of the players from the last 20 or so years are still there, albeit if in reshuffled formations.
Even Berlusconi himself has come back, for god's sake. Probably not to try and win but just to mees things up enough that his former coalition mates will not win, but that's just a possible scenario.

Monti, the ex-Prime Minister if I'm not mistaken (things change quickly, and keeping track of all statements of politicians goes beyond what i'm inclined to do) may probably run again supported by some parties and some people loyal to him. Or try a shot at becoming President of the Republic, instead.

Are there new faces and forces? Yes, but for the most part bad news. Moonbats soaked in post-communism and a surreal coalition of wannabe rivolutionaries, conspiracy mongers and assorted fringe humanity, posing as agents for a real democracy in a movement which is ruled with an iron fist by a charismatic leader.

And in the mess hardcore catholics are regaining power and slowly, covertly (but not even too much) influencing institutions at all levels.

Ok, I am giving the extra-short version of it all, but really, why spend more words? On phenomena that people unfamiliar with Italian politics and society are almost unable to understand in any case?

Anyway, in all that political archeology and madness there is next to nothing that can be saved. It's not even a less-worse choice. It's different grades of fecal matter of pretty much the same depth, and they're all mixing up in a tsunami wave of mottled brown.

There is only one party worth voting, in my opinion. They ain't perfect but at least propose a decently (classic) liberal program with some ideas that could improve something. Of course, projections put them at around 4% these days, go figure. Italy ain't a country for liberals.

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